VGC READS: 31/03/12

Here's a brief round up of gaming news & thought from around the web this week. Stick this lot in your reading list and consume it:

  • Christian Donlan looks at how AA games would be affected by the lack of a specialist UK retailer: (Eurogamer)
  • Rumours continue to spread about the Playstation 4, codenamed 'Orbis'. This latest report about a leaked design sketch adds some traction: (Now Gamer}
  • EA Sports makes a bold stride into the digital distribution future by making this summer's EURO 2012 tournament a FIFA 12 DLC expansion: (FIFA Soccer Blog)
  • The eternal Games as Art debate rolls on as Eurogamer investigates an exhibition at a major gallery that involves actual video games: (Eurogamer)
  • Researchers at Drexel University, Pennsylvania claim to have managed to pull credit card data from preowned Xbox 360s. Microsoft responds: (Joystiq)

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